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The Call of the Mild

It was truly disgusting outside yesterday. It was alternating between rain and hail, and was so windy that my umbrella was destroyed (one thing I do have to mention, though, only because Ridley Scott and Alex Proyas have made entire careers out of this fact; cities look gorgeous in the rain. The reflections of the colored lights on the streets, the curls of steam and smoke, the illuminated drops, the slick buildings) However, the weather must have felt really sorry for having been so crappy yesterday, which was everybody's return to work because it is really nice outside today. A little chilly, perhaps, but very clear and sunny.

This turned out to be very advantageous to me because when I left my apartment this morning, I found that my key had bent and about to break. If I had put it in the lock, it would have broken off. I couldn't find my spares, so I rushed over to the local hardware store where they have a locksmith and had them attempt to replicate the key, worried that the distortion may have rendered the key uncopyable. Happily enough, however, the copy worked just fine and I was able to get to work only fashionably late (as opposed to very late).

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