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What the...?

I recieved this text message on my phone today:

From: 908-884-8875

- - - Message - - -

Fwd: From: 16462354030

This is a test= if u luv God and u are not ashamed of it, send this to ten people. And

- - - End - - -

Jan 5, 06 (Thu) 7:43 AM.

908 is an area code from New Jersey. The only people I know from New Jersey would never send me this.

In general, I do not write personal particulars in a public post. In this case, however, this was an unsolicited text message, so if anybody were to prank call these two numbers and harass these people, they would have my blessing. If it is completely random, then these people deserve it because they shouldn't have done this in the first place, and if it isn't, then they should know better.

When I got it, I replied, "You must have entered a wrong number. I don't believe in fairy tales."

Look, I find the concepts of religion in general and God in particular to be ludicrous, but I would never take away from somebody that which gets them through their day. This, however, is rubbing my face in somebody else's belief system, and I want nothing to do with it. I find evangelism offensive, and this is just disgusting.

This really pissed me off.

EDIT: I have found out who it was who sent me this. It was Allie, that girl I met at last year's Greek Easter who told me that she thought that Jesus was calling for me. She goes to Bob Jones University.
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