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Back in the swing of things...

I have discovered that, strangely enough, if I go to be earlier at night, it is easier to get to work on time in the morning. This is a disturbing piece of information.

My boss gave me a job that isn't due for two days. There's no other work out there. Boring.

♠ ♣ ♥ ♦

However, this morning I had a chance to hang out in the breakout room. I had a deck of cards, and Dre had chips, so we were able to get in a few hands of poker before we go our work. I think that I'll be doing this more often; technically, I don't have to report to the office at all, but poker is a fun way to start the day.

I'll be meeting with Tim today for lunch. He wants to check out the local Chipotle Grille.

Research is an important aspect of purchasing any piece of equipment. Having gotten a substantial gift card for Virgin, I decided that I would like to get a new set of cans for home use. In a movie that was completely out of character, I went off half-cocked and bought a pair. What a mistake. They sounded like WTRB: All Treble, All the Time. I returned them, got them to credit my card (brilliant idea of mine, to avoid getting the store credit) and took my ass over to J & R and bought a set that I had found through research, Sennheiser HD 280s, which sound excellent for their price.

I bought them for use at home, but I listened to them on the way back to work on Friday. While in the past I had decided that I would opt for something a little more lightweight for portability, I have found that the advantages of these cans make it worthwhile. They do a great job of muting out the outside world, which means that I can listen to subtler music at more modest volumes.


AMC has 24 hours of on, so I thought I'd squeeze in the fact that James Bond invents snowboarding in A View To A Kill. Also, Walter "General Gogol" Gotell's first appearance in the series was actually as a SPECTRE agent in From Russia With Love. Figured I'd let you know just in case you're ever playing Scene-It 007 with myself, Tim and Dave.
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