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Hadda cuppa...

Thanks so much to suitboyskin for my new Pat Mustard icon (if you don't know, Pat Mustard is a randy milkman on Craggy Island from the "Speed 3" episode of Father Ted).

This morning I had to go to a meeting at the 30th Street Central Office about some company bullshit, which meant... yes, there were coffee and doughnuts. I can't take the Dunkin' Donuts anymore, but I did avail myself of the coffee, so I'm all over the place. One of the reasons I don't drink coffee often is so that I get a lot more out of it when I do. ;)

When I made my phone calls, I found that one of my jobs didn't have a good contact, so I called over to the IEC, Cablevision, to get an alternate. The conversation went something like this:

Hello, this is Josh of Verizon Special Services. I'm calling about...

Cablevision Sales Rep

Josh? Josh Gizelt?


Yes... is this...?

Cablevision Sales Rep

Dude, this is Lenny!

I knew that Lenny was a Cablevision Sales Representative, but it was really strange to make a business call and talk to a guy I see every weekend. I guess that it's not so strange. I mean, it makes perfect sense, but he's been working there for the entire time that I've been back to work and this hasn't happened. It was pretty cool to close out the conversation with, "Okay, I'll check this other contact out. I'll probably see you tomorrow."

The meeting meant that we didn't get our work until much, much later in the day than we normally would have. This means that today will be a relatively stress-free day, which is nice because I have tomorrow off because my grandfather is coming home. The above picture is of him when he first got the halo, several months ago. He is much stronger now, and he is extremely excited to be getting away from the rehab facility. I don't blame him. I'll be honest, even though I agree with my mother that he is coming home too early (his insurance coverage on the rehab facility has run out... @^#$&ing H.I.P.) I have to say that I am pretty happy about him coming home too. It's just a step closer to normality, if that makes any sense.

Or at least as normal as anybody in my family gets...
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