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The Genie's Home

My grandfather returned home today... the first time that he has been home since he went in for surgery for his broken neck four months ago. He was quite happy to be home, and my mother and I basically spent the day working on my grandparents' house to make it easier for him to be as autonomous as possible. My grandmother was underfoot the whole time, but we accomplished quite a bit. And while it would have been nice to have done this stuff before he came home, the simple fact is that we needed him there to find out what he could and couldn't do.

The largest project was the mounting of a handle on the bathroom wall so that he could sit on the toilet and get up by himself. That was also a somewhat pressing problem, I mean, he would eventually have need to use the bathroom for obvious reasons. The bar we put up itself was no problem, but we had to mount it in tiles and that was a whole brouhaha unto itself yielding not one but two trips to hardware stores for supplies.

It actually turns out that the occupational therapy that he got at the rehab center was very effective, and he could accomplish quite a bit more than either myself or my mother thought that he could. It doesn't change our ambivalence about him being forced out of the rehab center at this time, but it isn't quite as dire a situation as we thought it was going to be.

The halo should be coming off in about a month or so.

* * *

I have almost de-bugged that embarrassing CD project that I've been (re)working on. I made a complete mess the first time out. I'll explain later.
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