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More Telephonics

For once, my slaves at Sprint did not cave to my demands. The jack for the earpiece of my cell phone had come loose, and was blinking out, and I brought the phone to a service center to be fixed. They informed me that it could not be, and fearing my mounting rage offered me a new one instead. I did not want a new phone, but the simple fact of the matter is that about 85% or so of all of my cell calls are made through the headphone. Thus, I stayed my wrath, and the staff at the Sprint Store offered up this:

As you can see,¹ it's pretty much the same thing as my old phone, only slightly sleeker. It can do a few more things (Ready Link, Sprint TV, etc), but it is very similar.

Which is, oddly enough, why it has been so difficult to adjust to it. The new butt set that I had I adapted to very quickly, but because it was a completely different configuration from the old one,² I was never exactly confused by it. The new phone is the same type of model, and it functions in very similar ways, but from time to time it will throw me for a loop if there is some minor detail the operation of which is divergent from the 5500 I had before.

Incidentally, jenvargas, I know that you have a Treo. Tim has one, too. It's very nice.


¹ By a strange coincidence, that entry also leads to another topic that will soon be addressed in this mess of naval-gazing. Yes, I'm talking about my heinous CD project. See "original score" and laugh.

² It is, on the whole, a much better design. I don't know how sturdy it is, but it is a lot easier to use in many ways than my old one, which had been in use for about ten or twelve years. The only design flaw I have thus far noticed is that if you hold the phone in the crook of your neck, you run the danger of pushing some of the buttons on the numeric keypad, which I can see presenting a problem if I'm on hold in one of those queues that periodically ask you to push a button if you care to give up and just leave a message. It hasn't happened yet, but I know that it will one day when I'm in a $@&%ing queue for twenty minutes.


In the search for more items that my grandmother might use to assist my grandfather with at home, there was uncover'd one of those pillow things that are kind of like half-chairs. It was in the attic. It turned out that he couldn't use it, and since it was in the attic anyway, I claimed it. I am now reclining in extreme comfort on it. Oh, and thanks to suitboyskin for the Stephen Maturin icon ("Docrock?")!
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