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My friends at work decided a few months ago that when my grandfather finally returned home that they would get me ragingly blazooted. While my dignity would prompt me to say that I was a reluctant participant in such an event, whosamama pretty much drove any ability I have to lie out of me at an early age through the use of a wooden spoon, and that overrides my dignity, and so I must admit that I was not really reluctant to drink a copious amount of booze at all. In fact, I found it rather... enjoyable.

Of course, I am also aware that the attempt to slaughter my brain cells coming from my co-workers probably has something to do with me kicking all their asses six ways to Sunday at poker today, but I digress...

I did something else today of questionable morals... but extreme amusement. It was a win-win situation brought about by the rudeness of somebody who should have known better by now... someone I've posted about before is but grist for the mill now, the dumb and incessantly annoying dolt! I may even make a post about it at some point... but I feel that I should really be sober if I do so.

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A link for those who truly grok that cats are superior to all other beings in the multiverse. All of you unenlightened others may pass upon the link if you so desire knowing that it is of significance only to those primates among us who know their betters. Do I sound like that guy with the buggin' eye from The Boondocks yet?
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