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Leave No Turn Unstoned

I have a logbook I keep in my car. Actually, it's not as dumb as it sounds. I don't record trips on it so much as that I write down directions in it so I have them all in one place. It's turned out to be quite useful. It does get rather sloppy as the directions are often intermixed with other details I just needed to jot down. It also has little bits and pieces written down for other reasons, and as such has developed a character of its own... for example, although the car was pretty much officially named The Bronze Mist the day I got her (it was the name of the shade of paint and was found endlessly amusing by everybody), Raz kept a running tab of alternate names, such as...
Dew Drop
The Sally Wetter
Big Muffin
Grey Sharona
The Leaky Gaspipe
El Shifty Taquito

(I have a sneaking suspicion that the latter monicker was applied during a trip to Taco Bell; I could be wrong, though... I'd like to think I'm wrong, anyway)

I had to replace her passenger side mirror. Of course, now that means that there's one part of the car that's shiny and new while the rest of it is a progressively duller shade of gray. I could wash the car. Really, I could. But then she would not learn.

Anyhoo... got her all reoiled and whatnot in preparation for the next disasterous trip up to see suitboyskin. While I always have a good time there, that city really has it in for me. I just accept it now that it's my lot in life to be loathed by a New England city that I really don't have anything against. Except those fucking rotaries. *tic*
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