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Home Safe Again

My trip to Boston is over. I'll be recovering today and checking on my grandparents.

Okay, the Ecology third draft is almost completely done. It just needs to be fine-edited to get its running time down a bit and to ensure there aren't too many redundancies. There are also a few scenes that I've noticed dragging a bit from time to time. The good news is that I managed to hack and slash my way to bring 178 pages down to 114, so 131 pages shouldn't be too hard. I just want the thing under 120 pages (it is a general rule of thumb that one page of screenplay averages out to being about one minute of screen time).

There was quite a lot of Father Ted this weekend. I borrowed the DVDs from Tim... I really ought to show them to my grandparents.

I'm kind of annoyed about the whole Leeloo/Kato thing. I've really bonded with Kato, and so it must have been unnerving for Leeloo to be claiming me. While I am never one to spurn a cat's affection, I ended up being quite wary of her yesterday. The night before last Leeloo slept on my chest while Kato slept on my head, so the can share if the mood strikes them...

A special shout out to janetwiess69 for her fantastic route home from Boston (Mass Pike → Route 84 → I-91 → I-95); it didn't shave an hour off of my trip, it shaved an hour and a half! That was awesome, because even though I got on the road later than I expected, I still got home at a somewhat decent hour.

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