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By nose is stuphed ub...

I have a rather annoying cold.

The fruit stand that formerly hosted my breakfast has disappeared. This means that if I want fruit, I have to go into one of the delis for it, and they always charge much more... not to mention the fact that fresh mangos, are hard to come by around here. If I want a fruit shake, I have to go to @#$%&ing Jamba Juice, and they annoy the hell out of me with its ultra-trendy decor, pseudo-jazz playing in the background and all the other crap they feel the need to put in their shakes. The fact of the matter is that I prefer the straight up fruit-and-ice in a blender approach that the fruit stand had. It's not like fruit needs terribly much to make it taste good... we make other things taste like fruit, after all.

Yoinked from mortimusmonk are two Blackadder memes:

The Black Adder.

You may not be hugely well known, but you use this to your advantage. Your sense of humour is kinda strange, but isn't that a good thing sometimes? All you need to be aware of is that sometimes you may not be perceived the way you like, but the people who really count are those who are prepared to take their time and get to know you. You're different and unique, and for that, I salute you!

Which series of Blackadder would you be in?
Pictures and text included but not quite yet finished.

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You are as cunning as a fox that's just been appointed Professor of Cunning at Oxford University. You've always got a mischevous idea and a witty retort ready at hand.

Which enduring Blackadder character are you?
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And an informative link regarding the Homeland Security Act provided by waystone.

And for suitboyskin, here is a bit about Aaron MacGruder's point of view about the contraversy surrounding the "Return of the King" episode of The Boondocks. Despite Al Sharpton's complaints, the program's popularity has not faded. Of course, Sharpton may have gotten defensive because he was able to deduce from the content of the episode what MacGruder might feel about him...
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