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Mix Musings

I've been considering redoing an old Lalo Schifrin mix that I had made on MiniDisc. It featured a lot of music from Bullitt, Dirty Harry, Enter the Dragon, the Mission: Impossible television series... I used to love to listen to it, and even though Urban Danger relies heavily on Schifrin, it isn't a Schifrin album the way that the other one was. I wish I knew what happened to the disc itself so I could use it as a starting guide... although I'm pretty sure that if I made a new CD that it would have a pretty different playing order, as well as some new selections (Magnum Force is amazing).

I've also been considering a World War II movie mix... that would feature Elmer Bernstein's The Great Escape, Jerry Goldsmith's Patton, John Williams' Midway and Saving Private Ryan, Schifrin's The Eagle Has Landed and Kelly's Heroes, and a whole shitload of Ron Goodwin including Where Eagles Dare and 633 Squadron. I haven't decided exactly what I'm going to do with it (although I started downloading some of the cover art, which will be based on WWII posters).

I would like to have gotten that swordplay album done, but I am unable to track down a copy of Mario Nascimbene's The Vikings. I could always use a re-recording, but I would rather have the full album to select from.

* * *

At some point this weekend I'm going to sit down and write a bit about all the movies I've seen recently.
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