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Good Sméagol always helps...

You know, I didn't have enough money for the 5 disc special edition of The Two Towers. I knew buying it would be irresponsible and silly. I just dropped into Borders for the latest issues of Video Watchdog and Film Score Monthly.

Then I saw Sméagol, looking at me. "Must buy... now?" he asked, tentatively.

The battle of Helm's Deep is over. The battle for this month's rent has just begun.

Interestingly, the sequence in which Merry and Pippin witness the Uruk-Hai army marching out of Isengard is not listed in the DVD booklet as being extended or anything, but I am pretty sure that it is made up of different takes. I will check tonight.

The other annoying this is that, while the sculpture that comes with the 5 disc set is of Sméagol, there is a brother sculpture of Gollum (their expressions are markedly different). I really shouldn't want that so much. I can't afford it.

Of course, I couldn't really afford this set, could I? But then again, I can justify it to myself by reminding myself of how many hours of entertainment I got out of the 5 disc Fellowship set.

I plan to go home and put on the supplement about the music straight away... and I'm psyched, as on Tuesday the soundtrack album for The Return of the King comes out.

I recently posted the results of the Harry Potter character Quizzilla, for which I got Hagrid (mad and hairy?). My friend Waystone also took this quiz, and got, to her chagrin, Hermione (her post can be found here).

Amused by this, I set out upon the vast sea that is the internet to try to find an image of Emma Watson doing something particularly un-Waystone-esque. Unfortunately for this task (and I can hear her groan as she reads this), it is difficult to find images of Hermione doing anything so out of character for Waystone. Images of Hermione with books, mostly, and that is certainly not out of character for Waystone.

Well, what I found interesting about this quick search was that it yielded an interesting phenomenon to me... apparently there is some kind of bitter war amongst Harry Potter fans about whether Hermione will be ending up with Harry or Ron. This is amusing to me, for two reasons. The first is the fervence with which they debate, which at times seems to be like watching the Montagues and Capulets. The other is that there is any question at all... it is frankly quite obvious where Rowling is going with Ron and Hermione (to be honest, it's one of my favorite aspects of the books), and I really can't fathom how those who are supporters of the Harry and Hermione relationship have managed to come to that conclusion.

Well, with my car back, the world seems a lot less daunting, I must say. Last night was a normal night, in which I spoke to Suit (not about our screenplay, we were catching up on some incommunicado time) and hung out at a friend's on Long Island.

Nice to be back in the saddle (for real).

My phone, while being a wonderful piece of technology, is too new, apparently, to have many accessories. While I had no trouble getting the car charger for it (essential to my mobile life-style), I am actually finding it quite difficult to get a belt clip for it that isn't a bulky holster.
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