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Across the Stars

To explain about the job that I was bellyaching about yesterday... I had a T-1 installation at 171 Mad, and I confirmed that the customer was expecting it. I had two rather time-consuming repairs before that, which were rather inconveniently located at 2 Park Avenue, then 481 1st Avenue. We had a severely scaled-down workforce yesterday because of the snow (although I do wonder exactly why myself from Queens and Charlie from Staten Island could get in, but the two guys we hang out with that live in the Bronx couldn't make it), so what probably happened was that I got dumped the 1st Avenue repair by somebody just to get rid of it without regard to the geography of the situation. The 481 1st job was pretty nasty, too. Some genius put the feeder in the boiler room, so it was very steamy. You know what happens when you expose copper to water vapor, right? Yeah. Gangrene. Luckily that turned out to be an easy fix, 'cause I could barely breathe in there. No wonder the slot in the smartjack went bad. These things are designed to be put up on wooden boards in air-conditioned data rooms, not left out in the rain.

So anyway, I got to 171 Mad and started the job. First of all, I had to do something unique in all of my time at the phone company. I had to install the smartjack to hang upside down. There was just no other viable surface to mount it on but the bottom of a shelf in their coat closet. Then I spent an hour and a half tracing out where the tie cable went. There was a box with brand new facilities right around the corner, but the block I was working on ended up feeding from a house can two floors up. I picked my house pair and all that was left was for me to find my house count in the basement and cross connect that to the fiber mux. That was it. Five minutes, tops.

Five minutes too late. The time was already a little after five, and the super told me that I couldn't work in the basement. I told him that it would only be a short time, but he refused to listen to reason. I then had to go upstairs and inform the customer that I couldn't finish the installation. This after I had already assured her that I would be finished with all the fieldwork in a few minutes.

The job didn't come out again today. When I checked it with one of the managers, I found that it had been rescheduled by the vendor for a week from today. I knew that the customer needed the circuit in earlier than that, and I was also somewhat peeved that the job got pushed back a week when all that needed to be done was a single cross-connect, so I had the manager put it in my log for tomorrow.

As anybody reading this should know, this is not standard behavior for an employee of the phone company. And you all have no idea. The tales of our laziness and apathy have been greatly underexaggerated, believe me. I was just annoyed that I came so close to finishing it and I couldn't for a really stupid reason. I'll be honest, my motivation from pursuing this job comes more from my dissatisfaction at not having it done with than it does with the customer's deadlines, they're just a convenient excuse to be able to get this job loaded into my work so I can complete it. It's strange, because while I don't have much of anything in the way of a work ethic, the trace elements that I do have actually shine out like a beacon of light working for this company.

“What!?! What ain't no planet I ever heard of!!!
They speak Bocce on What!?!”

It's strange how sometimes inspiration comes at the weirdest moments. No sooner had I announced that I was putting the finishing touches on my Star Wars prequel trilogy mix, and I realized a solution to a particular issue I'd been working on for a bit of time. I should be finished with it and have the track listing posted tonight. The oddity of the situation is from the fact that what actually made me figure it out what to do with the cue that I wanted to include was a trickle of snow that somehow penetrated into the top of my boot and trickled down my foot. Don't ask me to explain it, that's just how it happened.

I've been listening to my rough drafts for the past couple of days, and I just have to say that I may have outdone myself with this one. I liked my original version quite a lot, but the new one has a flow to it that comes from its structure that the original lacked.

There's an excitement that comes from a creative outlet that few things can compare to. It's great while you're working on the project (I was up all night without realizing how much time had passed), but then you have to do normal, mundane activities like go to work... and since I got to work, all I could think of was getting home and hitting the wave editor. On the other hand, the charge that I get from having a fulfilling creative experience does have the rather pleasant side effect of blasting away those stormy doldrums I was experiencing just prior to this project. Therapy by Nero Soundtrax™. I've been thinking that Ahead might be able to use that as an ad campaign...

Created by lehah

I have tried my best to make those candy hearts that both hadara and lehah posted to their journals. Unfortunately, the service got overloaded when I signed on, so I was unable to. I cribbed lehah's, though, so as to give an idea as to some of the possibilities (I also thought that if I actually ever did get one of those candy hearts with that written on it, I'd die right then and there on general principle).

Idle Thought

You think those old Italian dudes that play bocce all day in Corona think that somebody ‘speaking Bocce’ is pretty funny?
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