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Excellent news

One of the doctors from the unit that handled my grandfather's surgery came over and had a look at him, his x-rays and his CAT scans and said that the healing was sufficiently advanced not to require reinstallation of the halo. He was then discharged with a simple neck brace. He was also given an extra brace so that he can (finally) take a shower. To that end, my mother bought him a little bath chair that I just put together. He is very happy to no longer have the cage on his head and the body brace constricting his torso.

Much better indeed.

Without the halo, he was able to be transported home in the car rather than in an ambulance. Though I was right there to catch him if he fell, but he got in and out of the car, and walked up the steps to get into his house all by himself. He is a little off balance still, but it looks as though the walker he needed when he had the halo on is not going to be neccesary for very much longer.

He is so much more comfortable, and he's very excited about the prospect of a bath. I can imagine, I was in the hospital for only four days during which I couldn't bathe because of my IV, and I couldn't stand it. It's been close to five months since he was able to take a shower or a bath.

I want to thank everybody who showed their support, whether on LJ, e-mail, or on the phone.
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