Joshua Gizelt (swashbuckler332) wrote,
Joshua Gizelt

You're never finished...

I had been working on the entry for the Star Wars prequel trilogy in my LJ client for a couple of days. I had read it, reread it, rereread it, proofread it, reproofread it, etc. Nevertheless, as soon as I posted the entry, I noticed all these errors, so I had to go back in with the edit mode and correct them. I'm not talking about misspelling "Kamino" as "Camino," as lehah pointed out; (I feel that's an understandable mistake to make if you don't really like the Star Wars prequels as it's not really a word, and it is easily corrected). I mean grammatical errors, mild spelling errors, but mostly places where I had meant to say a certain thing and I didn't think I got my point across.

Work today... then checking on my grandparents. I could do without any more surprises of the nature of the one on Wednesday.
Tags: mix workshop
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