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A lousy day

It was just one of those days where nothing worked right. I had a job at 10 E 40th Street today that I couldn't get to work for the life of me. I ended up replacing everything on the T-1 and it finally worked. The irksome thing there was that I had installed two at the same time. While I worked and slaved and sweat blood to get the one that was due today up, the one that was due Friday came up right away. I even had to have High Tech come out and play with the mux handoff. My landlord called me to tell me that the water was running in my apartment; all that means is that the toilet is still pumping water through the tank. Now I have to go home to fix that, and I had hoped to zip straight over to my parent's house... and I'm going to have to have a plumber come in and look at the toilet sometime next week. On top of that, I was informed by Art telling me that his copy of my Star Wars trilogy mix is scratched and won't play the first few tracks and I won't be able to make a new copy for him until next week.

What a pain in the ass day.
Tags: generic rant, inanity, work

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