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What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

There is a Middle Earth race name generator at My Precious. My results:
Your Hobbit Name:
Joshua, from this day forward you will also be known as
Bom Cock-robin Redsmith of the Bree

Your Elven Name:
Jibrylla the Heavy-handed

Your Dwarf Name:
Koibur Fegnus's son

Your Wizard Name:
Incánus , Huntsman of the Valar

I picked up whosamama, Steve and Zach at J.F.K. airport last night. I would have taken their Sienna, but I didn't have a key for it and the Corolla was too nasty for me to drive (and doesn't have a CD player to boot). So that meant the Saturn, which doesn't have the most spacious of back seats.

Willie was very happy to see everybody home. While he has definitely been behaving for me, the fact that the floors in the great room were redone before they all left for Vegas meant that all of the furniture from that room was piled up in the dining room and the living room. And then all of the people that he lives with suddenly disappeared for a few days. For a dog, that's some pretty heinous stuff. So now he's seeing everything getting a little bit more back to normal; as soon as we got home Steve, whosamama and I started moving what furniture we could move back to the proper place. It's rare to see a dog be so relieved.

whosamama has returned to us slightly altered. Strange horn sounds are constantly emanating from her rear every few minutes, like a hunter's clarion call. There are several theories about how this might have happened. One is that she may have sat on a kazoo while in Vegas. Another is that she may have killed and eaten a moose in heat in a post-hypnotic trance. Yet another is that her rear is gradually developing the ability to speak. We are still collating data, though the subject has not been cooperating.
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