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No help for the wicked...

My parents have just redone the floors throughout the house, albeit in stages. First came all of the downstairs except the great room, then came the great room itself, which also needed to have a repair done to the perimeter. All of the furniture in the great room needed to be moved out, and now we need to move it back. All that is required is a few minutes so that we can get the television back where it belongs, which weighs about forty thousand metric tons.

I've been having a surprisingly difficult time getting ahold of help for this. D.J. Mad Mike has agreed to come this afternoon, but thus far Dan's phone seems to have mysteriously gone dead halfway through my conversation with him. And everybody else who I would normally tap for this type of work is is either not available or now lives in Bumblefuck.

Harrumph, I say. Harrumph.
Tags: generic rant
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