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Dem tapes...

Well, I haven't checked to see if there's anything on the "Cappuccino" tape after the Sal's Café footage, but the good news is that Habeus Corpus is on that tape, the bad news is that the beginning of the tape may be a little fucked up... or it may not be. I'll explain in a minute. The other tape seems to just have A Day in the Life of a Living Television, some footage shot by Trian in Greece (which is rather arresting stuff, actually) and Black Rose, Sandy's project which I worked on but is that old annoying film student saw where one guy who's ceee-razy!!! kills another guy. Yawn (some nice shots in that one though). So unless there is more on that other tape, that's pretty much it.

The reason I'm not sure what's up with Habeus Corpus is because as soon as Andre and Charlie got down to the hole, the VCR fritzed out. I'm starting to think that maybe these tapes are poisoning the VCRs.
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