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To my pleasant surprise, I found the class I had to go to today to be fairly interesting, even if very little new material was covered. However, I also had a chance to see some new equipment that is hopefully coming out soon, which I found rather exciting. The standard smartjack and card handoff can be replaced by a much smaller device (about the size of an Altoid tin) which has the circuitry already built in. It only has idiot lights, which may be an issue, but we would be able to put four or five of these in the same amount of space that a normal dual mount smartjack does. They run off of the same repeater cards that we already use. They were tested extensively and approved for use in the field (which is why I saw them there), but because it would require a contract with a different vendor, it has entered the bureaucratic doldroms, possibly never to emerge. A damn pity, because they were pretty damn cool.

In addition, the class let out early enough for me to meet Charlie and Andre uptown for lunch, so I was able to get satisfy that Thai craving after all. It's nice when a plan comes together.

I brought back the unopened new VCR I found I didn't need and picked up a cheap little boombox that plays mp3 CDs for my bathroom and a couple of other things (CD-Rs, labels, etc). Interestingly, when I bought the VCR, I also upgraded my old Sony 5 disc DVD/SACD changer. The new one plays mp3 CDs and is progressive scan (investment for the near future, hopefully), but it is essentially the same machine, except a whole hell of a lot smaller. I am disappointed that it no longer displays the bit rate, though. Interestingly, the old Sony and the Toshiba both had a problem with the old Warner Brothers DVDs; they would have some sort of flickering artifacts on the screen. It was very distracting. This does not occur on the new player, the picture quality of which is much superior to its predecessor... but I'm not sure that the Toshiba isn't still a little smoother.

I was dreading the nightmare of having to hook the new player up after removing the old one. You see, I had a lot of cables there. There was the optical out for CDs and DVDs (and on the new machine, mp3s), the RCA stereo output for Super Audio CD stereo playback, the RCA 5.1 output for Super Audio multichannel playback, the component video out for DVD viewing and an S-Video cable out for reasons of convenience.* If that sounds terrifying, imagine seeing it. It went surprisingly easily, though, mostly because I grouped the cables together well.

Yoinked from janetweiss69:
I refuse to offer any sort of commentary on these...

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* If you must know, all of the video to my monitor (which I must admit is getting rather long in the tooth), with the exception of the VCR, comes through my amplifier. I use the component video outputs for the Sony DVD/SACD and the Toshiba DVD-Audio player, but the Pioneer laserdisc player - yes, I still use it, albeit less and less every year - only has an S-Video output. If the signal is coming in as component, it stays that way through the amp and into the TV, as does the S-Video. This keeps the signal in the digital domain until it reaches the monitor (although it should be remembered that the picture on a laserdisc is analog, not digital, which is a popular misconception), but that means that I had to hook up both the component and S-Video cables from the amp to the monitor. Just to make things a little easier, I also took the S-Video outputs from the respective DVD players and plugged them into the corresponding S-Video input on the amp, so that if I'm watching the S-Video input, I can switch over to a DVD without having to change the input on the monitor. As I said, it's a matter of convenience.
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