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Bragging Rights

A few weeks ago, I posted an entry in which I outlined the Great CD Mix Off, one 80 minute Led Zeppelin mix.

The winner was announced today with the playing of the disc that caught Mr. D.J. Mad Mike's fancy.


Yes, fearless readers, I did triumph over my competition. It was, however, quite a close contest. We listened to all of the mixes, and they were really good, although I felt that Ryan's disc wasn't arranged very well. My compilation won because I found a vibe and kept to it for 80 minutes.

Interestingly, Mad Mike thought my disc was Dan's (rock oriented), Dan's was Ryan's (greatest hits oriented), and Ryan's was mine (the most mellow). It was interesting that the confusion was so complete.

Another funny aspect to this situation is that when Mad Mike called Ryan to tell him he was finished judging, he mentioned that we had all put "The Lemon Song" on our respective mixes. Ryan told Dan that the winning disc was the only one that had "The Lemon Song" on it. Dan believed this; while he insists that he figured out what happened before he called me, it was painfully obvious when the CD was played and "Custard Pie" came on that he was quite surprised. To be fair, so was I.

Of course, Ryan is furious. He had told Dan that if he lost to him that it wouldn't be so bad, but felt that if he lost to me, who has only been listening to Led Zeppelin for the past seven years or so, while he grew up with their music, he would feel pretty dumb.

Sore Loser
(the operative term being "loser")

Ryan, I felt, had some good choices (and a great opening track, "Black Country Woman"), but he arranged the songs so that it would alternate between more rocking tunes and more mellow stuff, which I feel undercut the effectiveness of his mix. He also ended with "Hats Off (To Roy Harper)," which, despite my reverence for side 2 of Led Zeppelin III, is not something I'd put on a Zep mix, sorry.

Honorable Mention

Incidentally, Dan did confirm that this was, in fact, the first mix CD he ever completed. For a premiere effort, it was quite well done. Since he relied more on compiling his favorites, many epics ended up on his CD, which limited the amount of songs that he put on the disc, but made the transitions from song to song much smoother than on Ryan's more fragmented listen.

The next contest will be between Dan, Ryan, Mike, and our friend Lenny; I will be judging their Metallica mixes. They must deliver them to me the Sunday before Christmas so that I can listen to them on the way up to Connecticut to see my family Christmas Eve day.

Other business

My friend Chris' band Swinger Eight has a song in a film that opened Friday. Visit the the official website for more information about the film, or you can check out reviews to see if it's your bag, or just click here to see if it is showing in your area.

My brother just gave me a bumper sticker for the Jedi Academy. Bloody nice of him...


Billy Bob Thorton plays an unredeemable, disgusting drunk
with a thing for big asses in the refreshingly evil Bad Santa

If you're sick and tired of this false holiday cheer, Bad Santa is the perfect antidote. Leave the kids at home though, as it is gleefully immoral!

Seriously, it is a really funny movie, and uncompromisingly dark.
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