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It's always nice to be home after having been away for a while. It's particularly nice if your home is more inviting than usual.

I commented to Zach at one point yesterday how I thought it was ironic that I got more work done on Tuesday (a day off that I used and abused working on my apartment), than I did yesterday (when I was working). I then made a liar out of myself once I got home, assembling all of the new stuff (a rack for the bathroom, a new office chair, etc.) and going through a lot of my belongings. The fact of the matter is that there is a lot of stuff that I'm sure it seemed perfectly logical to keep at the time, but now it's just taking up space. Out it goes.

I had brought my work tools home in case I needed them, but thus far I have found that the only thing I've been using extensively from that bag are the electric screwdriver and my shears. Nevertheless, considering that the screws on the bathroom rack were twenty feet long, it was good that I had the foresight to bring them. Trust me, I'd still be screwing that thing together if I didn't have the electric screwdriver.

Today is going to be another busy day, as I plan a trip to Home Depot and a few other errands (I've been making lists and finding it increasingly easy to get everything on them checked off). Unfortunately, all this puts the kibosh on any plans I had to go see Blue Velvet at the Film Forum today (unless I go for a later showing), but I have to admit that I'm actually enjoying all this work. Not least of all because of how much more comfortable the spaces are once I've attacked them.

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