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Fanfare for the Common Schmuck

The shelves I bought for the closet don't fit together. I'm going to have to take them back tomorrow and get something else. I love receipts; I bought them at a particular Home Depot, and I think I'm going to return them at a different one in case they have different stock there. This is particularly disappointing because this is the first time since I started doing all this work that I wasn't able to accomplish something I set out to do on time. It is, however, an extremely minor setback, and it will hopefully be completely rectified by tomorrow. On the other hand, I did get quite a lot of other things done today, including ordering some decor, finishing clearing out the closet and a bunch of other little things that were of no great importance individually, but still had to be done.

I was over at my grandparents' house earlier today when my grandfather mentioned that he had been craving a pizza. If I had thought about it, I would have realized it sooner. While he had the halo in he couldn't eat it (swallowing issues), and my grandmother rarely ever thinks about ordering out (insert random humorous comment about her godawful cooking here), but she was certainly not going to refuse the prospect of a meal that she not only didn't have to cook for, but wouldn't necessarily leave too many dishes behind either. Not to mention the fact that nobody even had to leave the house to get it. So we had a pie with mushrooms and fresh garlic delivered (they keep Kosher, so no meats).

My grandfather was ecstatic. He hadn't had pizza in about seven months he reckoned. I can't imagine not having pizza for seven days, much less seven months.

Incidentally, in case this is being read by somebody from another part of the world, I'm talking about real pizza here. Not Dominoes, not Pizza Hut, not that shit they call pizza in California (what is that!?!), I mean pizza. I've heard people talk about having cravings for Pizza Hut, which makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever.
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