Joshua Gizelt (swashbuckler332) wrote,
Joshua Gizelt

Heavy Traffic

I drove in today so I can bring those damn shelf units back to Home Depot easily, as well as bring my toolbag, which would be a pain in the ass to carry on the subway along with my laptop bag. There was so much traffic in that first leg of my journey that I thought that if I was going to die on the highway, nobody would know for hours... I've been thinking about making a companion piece to The Commuter's Lexicon about driving...

I'm not taking the Star Trek personality quiz because I've already taken it.

Because I don't have those closet shelf units in place, much of what would be neatly ordered in the closet is occupying my bedroom and a table in the living room (I can say that I have a living room now; what a difference a few changes can make to a space). I know its only temporary, but it is really annoying after working so hard to get the place in order to have to wake up this morning to disorder once again.

On the other hand, the office chair that I bought from the Liquidators is fantastic. It's small, comfortable and very convenient.
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