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Good morning! Spend most of your day frantically running around finding documents for me!!!

I was awakened this morning by a telephone call from the woman at Queens College telling me that she needed two more documents from me... today.

As I type this, both documents have been retrieved, but it was quite a crunch to get them. One had to be gotten from my old high school, the other from the internet. While I have access to the internet at school, my home computer is not at the moment connected (I can also read my e-mail on my cell phone), so I had to find a cyber cafe that was still in business (not an easy thing, these days).

The interesting thing is that I walked the corridors of Benjamin N. Cardozo High School for the first time in over ten years. It really hasn't changed much, except for the metal detector by the door (!).

I also have a paper due today, for which I never listed the sources for. Gulp.

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