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For some strange reason, I ended up overloaded with music today. For one thing, an order I placed last month came in; it was a special where if you ordered a certain amount, you would get a whole shitload of Bruce Broughton CDs, and so I went through the catalogue and found some stuff I always meant to get and never got around to. The Broughton freebies included his five-disc sampler, which looks pretty cool (I remember the score to Krippendorf's Tribe being very good, and there's a lot of it across these discs) and then I found that the Roosevelt Field Sam Goody is going out of business and getting rid of a lot of stuff, so once again I got to pick up a few things that I always meant to getting around to but haven't (including some Joe Hisaishi, whom I've never heard anything and the Book of the Dead version of the Evil Dead 2 DVD). But the Sam Goody also yielded another interesting prospect with regards to the reorganization of my apartment. When I say they're selling everything in the store, I mean everything. Of particular interest to me are the wall racks, which they're selling for $15 apiece. I need to take measurements, but I think that two of them, maybe with an extra rack of a different kind, might cover a lot of my collection.

My internet connection is annoyingly spotty, sometimes giving me a lot of pipe, sometimes the bandwidth is so thin you can't even squeeze an AIM conversation out of it. No doubt about it. I'm going to have to start paying for my own internet one of these days.

The doctor gave me some ointment and instructions to avoid sugar and carbs for a couple of days. Dang.
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