Joshua Gizelt (swashbuckler332) wrote,
Joshua Gizelt

Harmonic Violence!

I just can't look at Slyvester Stallone
and keep a straight face. I'm sorry.

I did a lot of very heavy recreation over the course of the week, so I'm having something of a quiet weekend. Quiet? Not really. I'm spending most of it on the phone; marathon conversations with both waystone and jenvargas, and when I haven't been on the phone, I've been putting together the a mix of Jerry Goldsmith's music for the Rambo trilogy, which is far from quiet (although I'm being quiet as I'm wearing my headphones). I've never actually seen any of the Rambo movies, actually, but as a Goldsmith fan I am pretty familiar with the music. I actually put this disc together three times, each time with only minor adjustments to the playing order, but with different tweaks in the transitions and edits. I have finally come up with an disc that I think is satisfying. I'll be posting the track listing and notes tomorrow or Monday. I'm heading out to Rockland to see Tim, Patsy and Sally tomorrow, so I have a bit of a drive to give the final disc a good listen to make sure there's nothing I want to change one last time before I erase the individual files.
Tags: mix workshop
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