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Symbolic Death Following the Death of the Main Threat
How will it happen?You will be chainsawed by a crazy guy in a hockey mask.
'What horror movie death would you have?' at

WHAT THE &£+Φ!?! THAT'S IT!?! I get sawed apart by Jason!?! I don't even get an interesting murderer!?! Listen, if there is somebody who is intent on killing me, I would hope that it would at least be somebody with some frickin' style! ...&£+Φing Vorhees...


Went over to Tim's today so that we could break in his new grill. T'was a very hearty repast; Tim came up with a very tasty chipotle marinade that worked great with the skirt steak, and we also had peppers and onions grilled with red pepper olive oil.

Sally figured out walking this week and is merrily puttering around the house. She never crawled, so for the first time she goes where she wants and does what she pleases, and she likes it. She's already started using her supposed ignorance of the English language as a way of pushing the limits of what she can and can't do. She decides whether she wants to understand "no" or whether she just looks at Patsy blankly as she continues doing whatever it is that Patsy is telling her not to do. It's baby proofing time. Her first birthday is next week.

Patsy is pregnant again. She had happily forgotten the lovely morning (all day) sickness, and has unfortunately been reminded (she has not yet raved about how pregnancy is some kind of plot, which happened once when she was talking to Saadia after a really tough day).
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