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I went to go pick up a new DVD player for my grandparents as theirs - a rather cheap and shoddy model - has died. I decided to get them a DVD/VHS combi player as they don't use either enough to worry overmuch about one component going before the other. I bought it for them and may go over there tomorrow morning to put it in and leave them with a couple of movies for them to watch. If I don't do it then, I'm not sure when I'll have the chance to do it as I have a pretty busy weekend ahead of me.

While I was at the store, I also checked out the new televisions and was surprised to find that there are actually quite a lot of viable options for my price range. I also found a decent solution to the obvious storage problem that having such a massive collections of CDs, DVDs, laserdiscs, LPs, etc. presents. (I had gone back to the Sam Goody that was going out of business last week to examine the racks I was considering buying from there and found that they would not have been a terribly efficient method). Now that I have a bead on these two issues, an evil plan is forming in my twisted brain as to how to re-arrange the other room for maximum space efficiency and comfort.

The real problem is that while I could pretty much tear apart this other room when I redid it, the room that I am going to be working on was for a long while my living space. In addition to my bed and the home theater, the computer desk is in there as well. I don't plan to take anything that is in there out of there, but I can set everything up so that it is a little bit more open and convenient. When I do what I need to do in there, I need to do it quickly. But there is a lot of work to be done, including the removal of the old television when I get the new one and the dismantling of the old entertainment center. The kinds of racks I'm intending to get to keep the audio equipment on are very easy to build, so I'm not concerned about that.

I can feel the bug biting again. Unfortunately, many of these proposed changes have to be put on hold for the moment as they all hinge on some significant monetary expenditure, particularly the television. I think that over the course of next week I am going to start preparing the CD and DVD collections for the new shelf units, though. That I have to do soon for the simple fact that I can't stand having this overflow anymore. The most annoying thing about it is that it's not like my collection has really significantly increased, I just don't have a place for what I already have.

There is another issue with the television, which is that I will also need to get rid of the old one when I get around to getting the new one. This is no simple task. The Sony Trinitron flatscreens weigh two hundred and seventy three thousand tons. Worse, it's all in the screen. It took three of us a while to get it down here. waystone has suggested that I post it on Freecycle with the proviso that the person who gets it is responsible for making it go away. Which is seriously all I care about. This television is close to seven years old now and I beat the living shit out of it. It works just fine, but it is, unfortunately, obsolete. Both of my DVD players (both double as high density audio formats; the Sony is also an SACD player and the Toshiba plays DVD-Audio) are progressive scan, and HD-DVD is eventually going to show up. And the fact of the matter is that I feel that I've already gotten my money's worth out of it.

It's interesting that while I have been an early adopter for so most of my life, there were some formats that I was cautious about. Both DVD and HDTV were examples. Part of the reason why I was reticent to jump on them quickly is because both of them essentially represented compromises in the design phase that stank of strong corporate lobbying, particularly from Dolby Labs. In the case of DVD, this turned out well because the first batch of players sucked. In the case of HDTV, I simply had to wait until the price of a standard set came down to a reasonable level. Now I believe that the F.C.C. might be able to set a more accurate date for full market saturation so that the F.C.C. can have analog television transmissions cease... although that was supposed to have already happened. For once, I was more of a realist than the industry as a whole was.
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