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The payroll got messed up at work causing me to be missing one day's pay. This will be rectified on next week's check.

I finished The Lord of the Rings, which I have been re-reading in preparation for next week's release of The Return of the King. As usual, the departure to the Grey Havens choked me up, which, being as that I was reading the book in secret at work, was quite inconvenient.

The movie will run three hours and twenty minutes this time, which will make for some interesting showtimes. I guess that we can expect an extended version running over four hours...

Gandalf, taking a break from researching the One Ring of Power,
pores over the centerfold of the latest issue of Playwizard

I have been quite disappointed to find out that only Alien and Alien Resurrection have DTS tracks on the Alien Quadrilogy box set. While I am understandably excited about the inclusion of DTS on Alien, it would have been nice if the more bombastic Aliens would also have this option, not to mention Alien3, which has an outstanding music score by Elliot Goldenthal.
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