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Stolen from MySpace, which I hate, is ...

Can you name 13 people you can think of right off the top of your head? Don't read the questions underneath until you write the names of all 13 people...This is a lot funnier if you actually randomly list the names first...No Cheating!!!

1. Ryan (suitboyskin Edition)
2. Tim
3. Raz
4. Andrea (aerolyndt)
5. Charlie
6. Andre
7. Jen (jenvargas)
8. Dan
9. Mad Mike
10. Chana
11. Patsy
12. Christy (hadara)
13. Ryan (Douchebag Edition)


How did you meet 10?
We were at college together.

What would you do if you had never met 1?
I probably wouldn't have half of the really bad habits I have today.

What would you do if 6 and 1 dated?

Have you ever seen 4 cry?

Would 11 and 2 make a good couple?
Ha! They're married!!! (and they do).

Is 13 colored?
He's Irish, does that count? Who uses the term 'colored' anymore anyway?

Do you think 12 is cute?

Tell me something about number 3:
Fate day is one day where all decisions are made by flipping a coin. There are rules governing what one can and can not do on fate day. Rule 18 is that Razvanian Logic has no hold on fate day.

How do you know 8?
We met working at Tower Records.

What's 7's favorite color?
Purple, I think.

What would you do if 6 just confessed they liked you?
Run screaming.

When was the last time you talked to number 2?
Yesterday morning, making aborted plans to meet for lunch.

What language does number 9 speak?
English and jives.

Cool fact about 13
He likes movies about gladiators. Really.

Who is 5 going out with?
Charlie is married to his wife Trisha.

What does 1 do for a living?
He's an assass - COUGH - in training to become a psychologist.

Would you ever date 10?
The prospect makes me feel uncomfortable. Chana's like my big sister.

Would you ever live with 1?
I'm not big on living with other men, but I could. That would mean a lot more Kato time.

Is 2 single?
No, he's happily married with one child and he and Patsy (11) are currently working on the sequel.

Where does 7 live?
Orlando, Florida.

What do you think about 2?
I used to say that if I knew one person that if I was stranded in a strange state with no money and it was raining that I know would pick me up it was him. Then that exact situation actually happened. That tells you what you need to know, I think.

What is the best and worst thing about 5?
Best: His sense of humor. He's a funny guy.
Worst: When he gets drunk, he gets very headstrong.

Who is 9 going out with?
To the best of my knowledge, nobody right now.

What do you like about number 6?
I am very proud to have learned my craft from him. He is one of the best T-1 techs in the city.
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