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An petty, esoteric experience at best, but it's my %$#&ing journal, so...

I've been getting into a lot of Don Davis' scores lately. I was aware of his work on the Beauty and the Beast series (he took over from Lee Holdridge), Bound and the Matrix trilogy, but I missed out on a lot of his earlier works, which I am now catching up to thanks to lehah. One of these is the score for the telefilm The Beast, which I got around to listening to yesterday for the first time. It is a grand seafaring horror/adventure score; many of the elements that would give scope and gravitas to his Matrix scores are already present in his style.

Yesterday was my brother's birthday. We went out for dinner - Indian, his choice (they actually have found a very good Indian place out on the island). He just turned fourteen.

Ten years ago, I was watching an episode of The Twilight Zone, as I am wont to do. Zach was four at the time, and would watch the show too, the tone of the episode always having a direct effect on his proximity to the television. That is to say, on the really scary ones, he would sort of watch from behind the couch, but the ones that were more humorous or dramatic he would sit next to me and watch. The episode in question was one of the funny ones, and so he was sitting next to me.

As the end credits rolled, the station announcer came on to mention a telefilm about the hunting a "giant man-eating squid!" I guess you had to be there, but the two of us found that absolutely hysterical. And since that day, there has forever been a giant man-eating squid after Zach. Especially in the summer when the pool was open. It has been our longest-running in-joke.

The telefilm that the announcer was talking about?

The Beast... with music by Don Davis.

Since The Twilight Zone got mentioned, it may be high time to reprise an old joke... because there really was a Twilight Zone episode about everything...

"Submitted for your consideration, a certain Charlie Romeo.

A decent enough man, and one who, like so many of us,
always took a good bowel movement for granted.
He went to the bathroom to drop a deuce.
Little did he know that he would be reading yesterday's sports page in..."

The Twilight Zone

Cue theme music by Marius Constant
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