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I have to admit, despite my initial misgivings, the E-Z Pass rocks. In addition to breezing through the toll booths, not having to scrounge about for money and being able to use any lane in the toll plaza I damn well feel like using, there is also the fact that the immediate convenience of it allows for more options. Just today I drove in and, finding that the Queensborough Bridge was a complete mess I was able to say "screw it, I'm gonna take the Tunnel." And I did. Getting to and from Tim's family's Swarthy Easter was the first outing in which I used it. Heading back and going straight through the George Washington Bridge while hordes were bogged down in the cash lanes was particularly rewarding.

One of the nice things about the Nomad is that sometimes during a commute I can listen to something that I just happened across while browsing through it and rediscover something that I haven't listened to since forever. In this case, I had a great time listening to Laurence Rosenthal's score from Clash of the Titans, a big, brash Straussian affair with a great love theme. The CD is all out of whack... this is one case where I feel that the album order could definitely be improved, though I'm not sure that the score would benefit from a completely chronological presentation.

My great love for film music existed long before I was truly aware of it. I remember seeing this film as a kid and immediately being struck by the fantastic theme for Pegasus (which was one of the primary inspirations for my original Flight compilation). That theme was used in the trailers for Red Sonja, making me want to see the film. I thought it was a sequel.


Since this has come up on several occasions, let me make something a bit clearer. My fear of zombie movies is exactly that, a fear of zombie movies. Not zombies themselves. I don't really find an individual zombie that terrifying. A bit gross, perhaps, but not super-scary. En masse, they are frightening, though. But what really disturbs me about the movies is the breakdown of society that tends to be depicted... it is actually one of the aspects of the upcoming movie Pulse - the trailer for which is in front of everything right now - that is giving me the most pause.
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