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Home soon...

I really wish that the weekend was longer... I had a very good time, but suitboyskin has to go to work and I have to go pick up Raz.

When I was here the time before last, I was the subject of a heated feline tug-of-war between Leeloo and Kato. The last time, however, Leeloo kind of stuck to the shadows. For the most part, this weekend was the same way. However, just before I went to bed this morning Kato and Leeloo started getting into it. Because I didn't want to hear them yowling and spitting at each other while I was trying to fall asleep, I broke it up. Kato got pissed at me about that, and Leeloo stepped in and tried to claim me. That only pissed off Kato further, although not at me. Leeloo didn't stay long... she was only interested in making Kato angry, and so eventually he came around and I woke up with him cuddling against me.

I miss having cats.

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