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Waiting for Godot's Notes

Waiting for Suit
I am currently waiting for Suit to send me some information I need for school.  Unfortunately, I am doubtful I will get it in time, which is frightening me.  Furthermore, I forgot to charge my phone last night, so the battery is dead.  I may have to cut into some valuable research time between classes in order to go home and get the charger.
More Bullshit
From "The Daily Misleader, " which I found quite germane to the comments my I debated adding to my Journal on September 11:
White House Admits Pre-9/11 Warnings; Bush Still Denies It
At his press conference yesterday, President Bush was asked about charges that he had received warnings prior to the September 11th attacks that a terrorist incident was imminent. He answered that even asking such a question was "an absurd insinuation."1 It was the same sentiment expressed by Bush's National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, who said in May of 2002 that "[no one predicted] that they would try to use an airplane as a missile, a hijacked airplane."2 The problem for the president and the administration is that the White House has previously admitted that the president had personally received such specific warnings. As ABC News reported in May of 2002, "White House officials acknowledge that U.S. intelligence officials informed President Bush weeks before the September 11th attacks that Osama bin Laden's terrorist network might try to hijack American planes."3 As Condoleezza Rice said at a hastily called press conference to spin these revelations, the President specifically received an "analytic report" on August 6th, 2001 at his Crawford mansion that "talked about Osama bin Laden's methods of operation" and "mentioned hijacking."4 According to Reuters, that report was congruent with "intelligence since 1998 that said followers of bin Laden were planning to strike U.S. targets, hijack U.S. planes."5. While the administration claims that the president's pre-9/11 warning was actually "not a warning," the threat was specific enough for Attorney General John Ashcroft to stop flying commercial airlines. While no warning was issued for the general public after Bush's personal intelligence warning, Ashcroft was flying exclusively by leased jet instead of commercial airlines because of an official "threat assessment by the FBI."6 Sources: President Bush Holds Press Conference, 12/15/2003. "Report Warned Of Suicide Hijackings", CBS News, 05/17/2002. "Bush Was Warned of Hijackings Before 9/11; Lawmakers Want Public Inquiry", ABC News, 05/16/2002. National Security Advisor Holds Press Briefing, 05/16/2002. Reuters, 7/24/03. "Ashcroft Flying High", CBS News, 07/26/2001.
I have found myself in the unenviable position of having to explain to people that I do not want to wear an American flag because the shame that I feel about the actions taken in the name of the United States. This does not mean that I am anti-American, but rather that my values, which I think are distinctly American, are not being represented by my government. The moment you say to many people that you disagree with the government, you are labelled, which I think is interesting in a republic. The current militaristic paranoid rhetoric is forcing people to think a certain way, forgetting that it is in the diversity of backgrounds that our strength as a nation comes On the other hand, the economy has gotten so bad that many people who would not have listened to me in the first place have started to pay attention to what I have been saying in my classes and at work about how our current administration is actually doing everything in its power to eliminate the middle class. For many people, I have found that it is the first time that they have ever really found themselves questioning the establishment in general.  I suppose I should feel happy about raising people's conciousness to the realities of the situation, but rather I feel that I shouldn't have to be the one to open their eyes.
The Last Samurai
Raz and I went to see The Last Samurai last night.  It was by no means a perfect film, but it appeals on a very "guy movie" level.  It pushes those stoic-fight-for-what's-right-against-overwhelming-odds-and-die-heroically buttons that every guy has hidden deep. It was, of course, a very pictaresque film, showing;a very beautiful Japan. Many will be gratified to learn that while Tom Cruise plays a character who takes on much of the way of the Samurai, his character motivations are sound and logical, and it is Ken Watanabe as Katsunoto that is the true hero of the film. Again, there are issues that one can have with the film, but it has a ballsy element to it that transcends much. This was Hans Zimmer's 100th score, a fact that makes me want to vomit.  On the other hand, with only a few overly synthesized moments, it is not one of his more offensive works. The "Iron Chef" theme is, thankfully, absent.
"I said I wanted a Bud Light!!!  Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!"

Which Colossal Death Robot Are You?
Hey ho, you're Calibretto! Kick. Arse. Five metric tonnes of hulking, steam powered robo-meat, you are the pin-up boy for death robot technology. Although you are in fact a war golem, you know how to use a minigun, and you can benchpress small settlements. Relatively new to the colossal death robot scene, you were first pencilled by comic legend Joe Maduriera in 1998. Sensitive, stylish, and yet still massive, if you were female and not made of iron I would probably propose to you.</blockquote>Okay, now will somebody please explain what this means...? I mean, Comic Relief and working with Neil Gaiman sound really cool, but...

Which Annoying B-list Celebrity Are You?
You're Lenny Henry. Awooga, or something. Here's the thing. You were - until you disappeared from the limelight, relatively recently - one of Britain's best loved comedians. Why? Why? Your schtick seemed to entirely consist of talking in a Jamaican accent, talking in a very deep American soul singer accent, and showing your teeth and the whites of your eyes. What's that about? Isn't that some kind of racism? As the best known black man in Britain, shouldn't you not do that kind of thing? Tell me! Tell me! Nonetheless, it's who you are. You're him. You are Lenny. And you do get kudos for being married to Dawn French, who almost nobody would deny has some sort of cool. You are also heavily involved with Comic Relief, which is a worthy charity, and you collaborated with Neil Gaiman on the fantasy TV series Neverwhere. Go figure. You're a mixed bag, Lenny.
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