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A rare peak into the lives of phone company field technicians...

I like to doodle. When I was first invited down into the work hole I currently occupy, I scribbled this picture of what might happen if our foreman were to come down to there. Since then, I've scrawled out several pictures on the back of work orders, official messages, notebook paper and what have you. Many of these were saved in a collection called "The B Files" (a reference to Bob, our manager at the time).

Now, understand that the sense of humor in these cartoons is pretty raw.

This is the aforementioned drawing that started it all:

Left to right: myself, Andre, Richie, Charlie, Bob (on the barrel with the plunger in his ass) and our steward Joe.

Every once and a while we would start humming or singing songs. I wrote a list and drew an album cover, calling ourselves "The Bell Five." That little picture isn't much to look at, but this follow-up cartoon had some really nice artwork. We also had lyrics to most of the original songs ("O Come all ye flaggers, lazy and complacent...").

Joe was our steward. He was also a real pain in the balls sometimes.

Richie and Charlie were inseperable at the time.

We had an interesting effect on other technicians as well...

The 2000 strike ended when a new contract was approved. However, some technicians from rural Pennsylvania, angered by the fact that New York technicians made more money than them and apparently unaware of the cost of living difference between here and there formed additional picket lines in front of 1095 Avenue of the Americas (corporate headquarters) and 56th Street (a prominent central office). While the wildcat strike was eventually dealt with, we had a dilemma that day in that we couldn't cross the picket line but we had a contract and were expected to work (and get frickin' paid already). This is a picture of us sneaking into the rear entrance of 1095, thus by the letter of the law not crossing the picket line.

Our relationship with one another is based on cruelty. As I said before, were somebody else the person who has to come into work with this stupid glove on, I'd be making as much fun of them as these guys are currently making of me. As an example; Charlie had to get a colonoscopy recently. That translated into this:

More to come.
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