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Grumble grumble grumble... okay, kewl...

My Nomad went bad in that way that you know there's nothing for... the headphone jack.

This was unacceptable.

I therefore went scouring the internet and Manhattan Island looking for a new player, one which had the 60 gb capacity I needed (the Nomad is a 40 and full). And what do you think ended up happening?

Yeah, I bought a #$%@ing iPod.

I have officially become a statistic.

That aside, I really like it. In addition to the increased capacity and miniscule size, I found that the iPod has something I have missed for a long time... a control stick! I loved the control stick on my Sony MiniDisc and of course the iRiver. This isn't as cool as those are, it doesn't have a display (although I don't think that such a development can be far behind), but it sure was nice to have it on the way to work today.

I initially was going to make a petty gripe about how the text is centered, while I prefer it left justified, but then found that if I add a picture to the id3 tag, it displays the picture on the left with the track information left justified next to it. And I had a great time assigning the pictures... with rock albums I just used the LP cover, but with the film scores I got a bit more creative (i.e. for Howard Blake's sublime score for The Duellists, I used the screen capture of the shot of Harvey Keitel watching the sun break through the clouds seen above). I like that you can just have the album cover up on the screen if you want to look at it, too.

And yes, I didn't sleep much last night because I was loading music from the Nomad onto the iPod. I'm keeping the Nomad, though. It is very useful as a portable hard drive, and is compatible with any USB equipped computer with Creative software (so if somebody has a Sound Blaster, I can use it)... although I plan pretty much to use it as an external hard drive between my own computers.

The one real caveat I have is that I can't figure out how to do the whole gapless playback thing, which I have been assured is possible even for PC users.

I bought a spare power pack for it too. I've heard about these things...

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