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I have been remarkably productive in getting stuff onto this iPod. I have been transferring music from the Nomad while also making a bunch of rips of new CDs that I hadn't had the chance to even put on that, with space on the Nomad being limited.

It's very tedious. But who am I kidding, I'm loving it. I set up the transfers, make any tag changes I have to (as with the Nomad, I'm using encyclopedic indexing for artist and album titles; last name first (i.e. "Broughton, Bruce") and whatnot (i.e. "Boy Who Could Fly, The"). You can index by composer name as well, which I have started tagging for. I would like to be able to display the composer on the iPod display as well as the artist, album title and track name, but at the moment that doesn't appear to be possible. If I were able to do that, I would change the "artist" category to list the performing ensemble (i.e "Sinfonia of London").* On the other hand, finding these pictures is a lot of fun.

For my Gun and Sun mix, I assigned a picture of Tuco staring at you like this:

It looks hysterical on the iPod screen, so I decided that I would use it for the eventual revision of this album (GDM has remastered and expanded releases of both Once Upon A Time in the West and A Fistful of Dollars that have amazing stuff since I made this disc, and For A Few Dollars More and A Fistful of Dynamite are on the boards. I won't make any changes until I have them all.

I'm going to give my computer a little break after this next CD. It's really tired today. It just complained that it has rugburn on the CD drive.

* Yes, I know that the Sinfonia of London doesn't perform the score from The Boy Who Could Fly, but I was too lazy to change the original cited example and Broughton has recorded with the Sinfonia of London often. Phooey on you for having noticed anyway.

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