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Of all the...

I picked up a repair this afternoon and went over to the site. It was way on the east side, between First and Second Avenue. I went out without realizing that I had dropped my ID in the hole. So when I got to the site, I realized I hadn't my ID card. I suaved my way passed the door guard and figured I was home free. Nope. I got to the site, and even though the IEC had called them to let them know I was coming, they asked me for my ID.

It wasn't a big deal, I just gave them my foreman's number and told them to call him to confirm I was who I said I was, but with all of the big business buildings I'm in and out of every day, the one time I don't have my ID is for a little dinky office with the one guy that would bother to ask to see my ID.
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