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"Woe betide the tide, for the oceans shall feel his wrath"
- Biggus Dickus
Roman philosopher
He called himself a Roman philosopher, anyway...

I woke up with my hand all stiff. If the steroid cream doesn't deaden the annoying sensation that causes, I will have to call the dermatologist.

My mother called me yesterday while I was at work in Manhattan at around 3:30 to ask me if I could be somewhere on the Island at 5:00. Yeah, right.

My wireless card is acting stupid lately. I've been connecting through the air card when at home mostly, which has been fine for simple web surfing, but is a bit annoying when attempting to download anything substantial. I don't know what's up with it because there are times when it doesn't see a network at all, and others when it sees networks but won't connect to them.

I find myself unable to join in any of this enthusiasm for The Da Vinci Code. I thought that the concepts explored in the book were interesting... it was a good mystery, but I thought that the characters were completely stock and boring and that the final zinger was retarded. Considering that a film has to concentrate on action rather than academic information, I don't see how this movie is going to be that good.


Fire at will!


That's very nice of him.
Despite the 138 minute running time of Zulu, there is less than 20 minutes of score in the film. It gives off the impression of having been heavily scored by intelligent spotting by director Cy Endfield and composer John Barry.
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