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So turns a wheel, so turns a galaxy. Or words to that effect.

Raz called. A local theater has a midnight showing of X3.

I'm going to go take a nap.

* * *

There are some times when I really wish that the Cruciatus Curse was legal. Some people just really need to be tortured into insanity. Many of them work for the Metropolitan Transit Authority.

They'd be all like, "Well, the delay is because of the dispatcher," and I'd be all like, "CRUCIO!" and they'd be all like writhing in unbearable pain in those little booths they have, and then I'd be like, "Cruciá" and they would be like making damn sure the dispatcher gets the lead out of their asses.

* * *

This is highly amusing. If he gets stuck, you can move him around with your mouse. It is also highly gratifying to smash his head against the globes.
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