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Catching up on... what?

I tried to catch up on sleep but ended up waking up early anyway. I then proceeded to work on assembling an X-Men mix, which took a whole hell of a lot longer than I expected it to (I did a lot of editing). This was hard, and I'm not sure how close to done with it I am. I got the Matrix promos in the mail today (lehah, wasn't there a bit that Davis had done for The Animatrix - "The Final Flight of the Osiris" or some such?), so a mix of that is brewing as well...

Tim came by tonight, and he is the first person other than myself to see my new TV in action. Literally, as he combed my collection for the most retard-o-tastic footage we can possibly find. I have no idea what his obsession with the opening sequence of Tomorrow Never Dies is about, really, it kind of scares me. I mean, the whole Star Trek VI in French thing I understand - it was his first DVD, so the French track was a novelty at the time... and seeing William Shatner say "feu!" is, admittedly, hysterical, so I get that. But for some reason he periodically asks to see that sequence constantly. Hm.

aerolyndt, I saw your comment. I didn't see any calls from you; check the comment to make sure you have the right number - I left you a voicemail on your phone if that helps...
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