Joshua Gizelt (swashbuckler332) wrote,
Joshua Gizelt

Levelling Off

whosamama is okay. She's home; there will probably be further procedures required, but she has been given a few prescriptions and is seeing her doctor tomorrow. Thanks to everybody for their support.

Her condition is her business, and it's up to her to post about it if she feels like it.

Escape From New York

Naturally, Steve's message about whosamama didn't get out to me until after I had gotten into work. I called the office and told them I was leaving and went. It's funny, but the concept of travel time is very different during rush hour than at other times. That's true in both directions; while the system is designed to faciliate travelling in one direction, it means that there are more trains and buses going in the other direction as well. It took forever for me to get home to my car.

Yoinked from libraspiccfllmt are some

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I take it that you're home safe, aerolyndt? How's Daniel? More importantly, what does he smell like now?
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