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Joshua Gizelt

Woody Allen sez: "I used to snort dandelions, now look at me."

I bought a BlueTooth adapter for my phone. It's really nice, but I've only had minimal opportunities to use it thus far. I very rarely talk on it for any length of time without the headphone, but they were always getting themselves tangled and crapping out at the worst possible times. Sometimes while driving I'd have to find the earpiece and that sucked too. The BlueTooth has a nice little led on it, so finding it is no problem, and there is no damn chord to get caught on every@$%&#ingthing.

On the other hand, everything went haywire yesterday. My cellphone headphone was only one of the many device related issues... my iPod decided it wanted to demonstrate what happens when you don't charge it for a week, and I had left the power pack for it in my old laptop bag. My boss sprung a pointless job on me late in the afternoon. Blah. Oh, and the subway got flooded somehow and 6 service was delayed, E and F cancelled outright, which meant that the 7 would have been packed. However, I had decided yesterday morning that I didn't feel like gutting out my commute in the promised thunderstorms after the week I've been having, so I had driven in. Good thing, too, 'cause I understand that it was really a mess last night.

My CD/DVD shelf units have arrived!!! All of a sudden the monumental task of actually rearranging this room is almost upon me. Luckily, I have been gifted with an amazing talent for procrastination.

They're doing work on the 61st Street exit off of the F.D.R. If you take it, you end up driving through this weird tunnel that looks all Max Headroom-esque. Seriously.

"Cha cha chaaaa...."

I'm not making a big deal out of it, but I redid my Alien Quartet mix (update of that page to follow shortly). Its most recent incarnation was done a few months ago, but I found I never listened to it. On the other hand, I had made a minidisc and a subsequent CD that I couldn't get enough of. I figured out why when I discussed the mix with lehah, who found the transitions between films to be very jarring. I listened to the mix again and decided that he was right, and that it kept the album from having any real shape. I went back to the format that I originally started with, which was to present the music from the four films as four separate suites. In general, I try to avoid this approach, but in this case, the stylistic differences between the four scores are too great. Aliens and Alien Resurrection fit together the easiest, but they don't sit well right next to selections from Alien or Alien³. The chronological approach means that the disc has four distinct sections, and it ends up working much better. Most of the selections are the same, although I did make some different choices here and there.

♫ Hello my baby, hello my honey ♪
♪ Hello my baby, hello my ragtime gal ♫
♫ Send me a kiss by wire ♪
♪ Baby, my heart's on fire! ♫
♫If you refuse me, honey, you lose me ♪
♪ And you'll be left alone, oh baby ♫
♫Telephone, and tell me, tell me ♪
♪ Tell me I'm your very own! ♫
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