Joshua Gizelt (swashbuckler332) wrote,
Joshua Gizelt

Furious Indignation

I have put up with a lot of things for this job. I have dealt with policy made by blithering idiots. I went through a harrowing period when they tried to lay a bunch of us off. I've been on strike. I've been in buildings where I think I might melt. I also have dealt with no small amount of patronization from people who assume that if you have a blue collar job that you must be a moron.

I had a job - due tomorrow - at a site; I got there and began working on the circuit. I needed to get the telephone closet for the floor opened. While waiting for the building engineer, a man passed me with the greeting, "How's it going, big guy?" as though I was five years old, then settled himself into a chair. The engineer came and opened the door for me. Unfortunately, there was no light in the house closet, and the door would latch if I let go. For about ten minutes I stood there wrestling with this door, attempting to get it to stay open by tying it to another door with cross connect, wedging something into the door... what have you.

The whole time this man sat there, watching me, amused.

Finally, I posed to the office, "Is there anything of sufficient weight to keep this door open?" I recieved a bunch of blank looks from everybody except that one man, who had a slight smile. "Fine!" I said, and let the door close. I went and gathered my tools, apologized to the one nice person at the site, and left. On the way out, I heard the man angrily telling that nice woman that he wasn't a doorman, it wasn't his job. I called my friend at dispatch and asked her to insure that this job is not in my work tomorrow.

I have never stormed off a job in anger like that, but I will not put up with somebody viewing me as a clown. Especially when I'm doing something for them.

If this guy feels like it's worth his effort to follow up on this he can, but I'm reasonably certain that between the situation at hand, my past record, my technical prowess and the fact that my steward is the fiancee of my friend at dispatch that I doubt I'll get into any trouble for this, but it really bothers me that this guy would have the gall to get self righteous about this towards me.

I know, I'm too old to expect courtesy from people.
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