Joshua Gizelt (swashbuckler332) wrote,
Joshua Gizelt

Not bad for a stinkin' Monday...

I woke up early and somehow got to work on time. My manager presented me with a new toolbag specifically designed for our stuff and the laptop. It is niiiiiiiiiiiiice. I managed to fit everything in there, and there's room for other stuff too. Of course, this is not the first time that the company has presented me with something that looked wonderful at first blush... I am stowing away my old knapsack in the locker in case a strap tears or something. It doesn't look likely, but then again, I thought that new butt set from a couple of months ago was cool when I first got it but it proved itself to be a huge, melty slab of Velveeta. And that nifty pen-light they gave me fell apart as soon as I put it in my pocket. So I am cautious with any new toy the company gives me. But there is always this very laptop...

In the meantime, I am rather enjoying it. There is a pockets on the sides the perfect size for the butt set and buzzer, and my tool belt hanger fits perfectly into the front pocket with everything in it and space on the sides to spare. The laptop zips into the side as well. The effect is that you have easy access to everything in the bag. There are pockets the right shape for, like, everything. And I don't have to work to squeeze extra materials (additional smartjacks and whatnot), either. The straps are decently padded as well. Weight is not really an issue for me (one of the main benefits of having been a Boy Scout and having had to hike for miles with all that camping gear), but it is very comfortable.
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