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First Rush

I have heard the album of Superman Returns. lehah informed me that it is basically John Ottman doing his best to sound like John Williams, and I agree with that assessment. Ottman is not Williams, however, and the iconic nature of the Williams themes makes them stand out against the score on first listening. I was satisfied with the treatment of the Williams material; it is used with some restraint but when it cuts loose, it cuts loose. I was really happy to hear the Smallville theme show up, too.

I'm going to have to listen to the album a few more times before I really can say what I think of it. I like a lot of John Ottman's music, but I've always felt that he was more of a talented amateur than a seasoned professional. But, see, Ottman is the same age as I am and grew up listening to the same scores I did - including Superman - and as a result, I get where he's coming from with his comic book movie scores. The issue here, though, is that Williams material is so striking and recognizable that Ottman's original material doesn't often have the chance to make the same sort of impression. But since much of that may be the very familiarity I have with Williams' score for the original, I will reserve judgement.

I will say that this is light-years better than either of Ken Thorne's Superman scores, though I must admit that I never sat through all of Superman IV, so I can't really make much of a comment on Alexander Courage's work on it.

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