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Will you believe a big blue Boy Scout can fly?

Superman: The Movie is a benchmark score; it is the first time I can think of offhand where a comic book movie was taken seriously by its creators, and Williams' music has so fused itself with the character that it is almost unthinkable to have Superman show up without it. Mark Snow acknowledged this and his scores for Smallville utilize Williams' music when the mythos is being directly evoked.

It's at times like this that you're glad you use Right Guard™.

I have had a more concentrated listen to Superman Returns. No, Ottman is no Williams, but he is making a game effort. The fact that he keeps Williams material in check throughout the score works in its favor, but as I said in my previous post, it also has a tendency to overshadow the more original material. That said, with the album becoming more familiar, the original material is starting to make its own impression. I like how he has Williams' Smallville theme (one of my favorite cues from the original score was always "Leaving Home") develop into something else.

There is no way around it... Ottman is working with material that he loves just as much as I do, and as with X2, this score may be appealing to me for all the wrong reasons. I'll have more to add later, I'm sure.
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