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Voice Post: Journey Into Terror

360K 1:38
“Hello. It's early morning. It's about 8:19 here actually right now. I'm driving to work, I am stuck in traffic because there is a massive accident. A truck has overturned,* and while this has happened in the other direction from the direction I'm travelling in, towards the city, standard congestion combined with your rubbernecking has extended traffic way back, miles behind me, causing quite a delay... although now that I'm seeing the accident, I kind of understand the rubbernecking. It's rather impressive. I hope nobody got hurt; I don't see how anybody could not have, but uh... ooh. And, of course, now I'm past that, we're moving and to my left everybody is stuck, and they're not moving at all.

It kind of makes me feel guilty, a little bit, but I'm the one who has to get to work today... Not that they don't, but me getting to work is more important than them getting to work, it's just the way that the universe works in my head.

So that's today's voice post. It's about... I guess it's about the accident, and me being bored and stuck in traffic. It was originally going to be about me being bored and stuck in traffic, but then I saw the accident and figured that's more interesting. There's spectacle and blood and violence (even though I didn't see any blood and violence).

Okay, so it's actually a pretty dull post. My apologies.

* It was upside-down. Not tilted, not on its side, upside-down.”

Transcribed by: swashbuckler332
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