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Fuck this iPod

I'm through being nice. The fact of the matter is that the iPod is an overrated, overproduced heap of shit for Windows users. Every method I've looked at for trying gapless playback has been a bust (the AAC chapter thingee only works on Macs and there is no Rockbox software for a 60 gb video iPod). This wouldn't be so bad were it not for the fact that the Creative was nearly gapless. Yeah, there was a pause, but it was nowhere near as obtrusive as the one on the iPod.

I'm really annoyed that it keeps finding files that work perfectly fine in every other program to have been corrupted. This is particularly annoying when listening to an album and finding that some of the tracks end abruptly.

I am sick and tired of this fucking thing, which is really something for me to be saying about a nifty little gadget. I have kept this one too long to return it, so I'm stuck with this fucking thing that I have grown to seriously resent. I'm going to order another Creative. I was much more satisfied with the Nomad, and I spent a fuck of a lot less money on it.

I've always liked Macs, but I can't stand this iPod. It sucks monkey nuts, and the marketing division of Apple ought to be slowly tortured to death with gardening tools for charging that much money for such garbage.
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